Dose Of Colors


So here we have my first product from Dose of Colors (doesn't feel right spelling the American way) and I'm pretty much in love with the colour that I got, 'Berry Me'.
 I'm a right sucker for the deep, berry like colour to wear on the lips, you know the colours that are ideal for Autumn? I have so many different shades that it actually becomes a challenge to decide which one to wear. 
Moving on, I found the formula lovely, it didn't feel like it was drying my lips out or that it was going to crumble off. Instead it felt like it was going to last hours for me and my lips felt moisturised underneath the product. Going to have to treat myself to some more of their products. 
Really liking the packaging for this brand too, very classy.
Which shades would you recommend for me to get? 


Girls Just Wanna Have Sun


Glossybox number 2 for me is now here! 
'Girls Just Wanna Have Sun' is the August box, filled with more goodies, more new brands to me and more stuff to use. Again the box is super cute and I'll be keeping it along with last months, finding a home or role for it, it's summery again with the same delicate and cute packaging inside.
I'm looking forward to what next month will have in store for me already, box wise of course.

Five new products for me, have you used any of the following? I got this Aloha bracelet hairband looking thing with this box too, it's pretty cute and bunks everything up to six products.

1 - Valquer ICE HAIR MASK, Total Repair - I'm looking forward to using this, I love to have my hair in good condition and being a hairdresser, it's pretty much a must and an advert for myself to have my locks in decent condition. This will have to be mentioned again in the future.
2 - Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner in Vanilla & Passionfruit - I've used Batiste before and I do like the brand, I have problems with dry shampoo anyway, regardless of the brand, my hair is pretty oily and dry shampoo doesn't last long enough for me but I still like to use it! I've never, however, used the 2in1 before, I didn't even realise it was a thing, I'm definitely going to give it a try.
3 - Rodial Suede Lips in Big Apple - I like lip products like this, they're handy to take with you and to keep topping up your lips with. I like the texture of this product and I love the shade they've sent to me as well. Going to be using this for a few looks in future.
4 - Model Launcher Safari Sun Bronzer - I've not heard of this brand before but I was actually in need of a new bronzer so this was pretty good timing and I'll be making good use of it.
5 - Sport FX, Time Out Face Mist & Fix - Another brand that I haven't heard of before but this is a face mist that is ideal for gym goers, something I'm actually not but I do plenty of exercise so I'm going to be giving it a go and see how I get on with it. It's supposed to hydrate your skin and control oil whilst keeping your make-up in place. We'll see how it goes!
6 - Last but not least, the Aloha bracelet by Purelei. I think I'm actually going to use this as a hairband rather than a bracelet, it's too cute not to.

Have you used any of these brands? Did you get this box this month, if so what did you think of it? I personally loved it, looking forward to next months goodies.


Hello Summer


I'm new to the world of Glossybox. I know it's been going on for ages now and I'm a little bit late to the party, some of you have probably been receiving these boxes for a while but I kept putting it off until last month, when I finally took the plunge and subscribed to Glossybox.
Why did I subscribe?
It's a bit of fun, I get a several product each month, worth more than the subscription each month and I get to try out new products and even brands I've either never used before or I've never heard of.
So this post is a little bit late but this is my box from last month, July. Hello Summer. I love the boxes, I can't bring myself to part with them but I'm sure I'll find some use for them in my room, probably pretty storage or something.

The wrapping of the contents inside is so delicate, cute and fancy all rolled into one, I like that there is a colour scheme with the boxes at the moment too, such a summery colour.

Moving on, we have the contents of the box. Here you can see that I received five products with July's box.

1 - MONU Professional Skincare, Soothing After Sun Lotion - I haven't used much of this as I haven't really been sitting in the sun much this summer to even catch the sun/burn at all but I did catch the sun a little bit last month. Although it wasn't really much of a 'burn' as such, I did apply this a little and it felt nice to use.
2 - Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder - I haven't actually had a chance to use this yet, I've been slacking with my make-up in all honesty BUT it does smell absolutely beautiful and very, very bananary.
3- Cute Balms, Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry - This is one of the favourite things that arrived in the box. It's super cute. A tinted lip balm (slightly too tinted for my liking but I'm not so much a tinted lip balm kinda lass) in the style of a macaroon! How cute is that? The balm is lovely too and lasted ages for me.
4 - Spectrum Collections Small Fan Brush - This is my first brush from the Spectrum collection of brushes, I've never used them before but this was so soft, just how a lovely brush should be and it applied my highlighter well, no complaints and has been added to the rest of my brushes.
5 - Papanga Spiral Hairbands - These have had such a craze behind them but honestly, I've never really understood them. I'm told they're supposed to stop the tangling of a hairband when you tie up your hair but I get so tangled in them, I'm not even sure why. I'm sure they're great for those of you who don't seem to have my issues with them, ha!

Have you tried any of the products? Did you like them? Are you subscribed to Glossybox too? Let me know!


make up

Lime Crime


Always been a fan of Lime Crime's make-up over the last few years, I have several of their lipsticks and I like how unique and different the brand started as. I felt like they were pushing boundaries for the norm a bit, although most brands are pushing boundaries now and I'm well up for that. 
I got this a little while ago, mainly because it was on sale with free shipping (such a sucker for free shipping!) and came in such a cute tin that I could reuse it for something else.
Anyway, inside are three mini versions of their liquid lipsticks in 3 different shades but sort of along the same tones so they fit well together, two of them being metallic and one being matte. I always find that Lime Crime's liquid lipstick leave such a nice finish and last well, as well as not drying out too much. 
There are several other tins available on their website ( which hold 3 miniature versions of plenty of other shades or you can opt for the entire bundle which is sold at a discount price. 
What are your thoughts on Lime Crime? I know there has been some rumours flying around in the past but I've never had an issue with any of their products :)

make up



I wore this look over the weekend as I was out in the city for a hen weekend, any excuse to smother myself in glitter to be honest. The holographic eyeliner is from Face Lace and they're super easy to apply, I had no problem with getting them to stick to my eyelids, even over the top of the eye make-up I had already created using the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. They sort of feel the same as false lashes do when you first apply them. Face Lace do a lot of other products to stick to your face and I'm probably going to try out some more of their stuff for some different looks soon.

The glitter I used was from Festival Face and it's their Sea breeze glitter, I had a few others with me but this one really worked nicely with the eyeliner strips I was using.

Base - Illamasqua Skin Base foundation & Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape concealer
Eyes - Urban Decay Naked Heat palette & Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes 4in1 Mascara
Brows - Eylure dark brown eyebrow pomade

I'm thinking of creating some more videos of created looks for the future so if you have any video editing software info that would benefit me (I only put this together via my phone because I didn't have any other footage as I didn't think to film anything else at the time), I'd be very grateful :)


beauty blog



I received this lovely box full of lashes recently from Eylure, it's like my birthday came a few weeks early!
I love Eylure lashes, they're always my go to (let's admit it, they're my favourites!) and I've come to grow close to a certain few styles they have, especially the long wispy ones that have a light lash line so that I can wear them without a flick of eyeliner to disguise that heavy lash line. Vegas Nay lashes with Eylure are also amongst my favourites, they're just so beautiful, in and out of the box, they make my face turn into the little heart eye emoji!
I feel like an eyelash queen with all of these beauties just waiting to be worn and shown off and I can't wait to get some looks created using the new styles that I haven't used before.

Below are a few of my favourite lashes that I always seem to turn to, they finish off any look that I create, perfectly for me. They're the longer and wispier lashes that I mentioned before, except 202 and 143 that have a slightly thicker line.

Vegas Nay collaborated with Eylure and every pair of lashes (although only 2 are in this photo) they're created together are absolutely fantastic and give your eyes such a dramatic finish, I can't wait to wear these out.

The enchanted range of lashes are going to be so pretty to use on my softer make-up looks and I can probably get away with using them for everyday looks too, along with my usual favourites.

Luxe is another line that Eylure have done, I've only used these once on myself as I usually take them to work me, they're popular with my clients when I'm doing evening make-up for them.

Along with the mountain of beautiful lashes, I've also received lots of brow products. I love a good brow and for every make-up look I create, I use nothing but Eylure brow products to finish and define my eyebrows. There's so many different products to use too, you can chose between the brow pomade they have, it's what I turn to majority of the time when I'm going out or I use the brow palettes too but I prefer to use the brow mascara and the brow designer for a softer everyday look. Their brow gel is a must too! I love that stuff.

Go and check out their lashes and brow products/tools, you can find them here. I use them all the time and I'm looking forward to my new tweezers with a comb end, they'll be so handy!


beauty blog

Elegant Touch


If you're one of those who likes to play with their nails or wear fancy designs on them etc, then this post will suit you. I got a lovely package from Elegant Touch about a week ago filled with lots and lots of nails for me to wear (amazing really as I'd almost run out!) and there are so many beautiful colours and designs that I can't wait to wear. There's a mixture of glue on express nails or the pre-glued express nails, which are absolutely fab if you're strapped for time, they apply so quick!
I haven't worn any nails for a couple of weeks, purely to give my nails a break and to let them grow a touch. I absolutely love wearing these though and I can't wait to wear 'Picnic Pincers', 'Shattered Glass' and 'Kitsch Claws' the most, they're so unique. 
I've also received some clear nails to wear and they're clear purely so you can decorate them yourself if you're partial to that and add whatever funky gems etc into them too! You'll notice some of the new holiday sets are there too, most looking forward to wearing 'Ibiza' out of that collection, with such a summery style to them.
I love wearing these nails because they're so simple to apply and quick, with such a clean finish. Due to work though, I often have have to shorten mine slightly to avoid poking myself in the eye or a client ha!

- House of Holland collection
- Romance collection
- Holiday collection
- Express collection.

Aside from the gorgeous amount of nails, I also got a bunch of other stuff which includes the necessaries such as some files, some glue and other nail care tools. This is all so handy for me for both at home and at work. Amongst the pile I have some cuticle clippers, glue, files, scissors, tweezers to allow me to add gems to some of my clear nails and some nail protectors.

I'd recommend Elegant Touch to the moon and back for anyone looking for false nails or nail accessories! They even have a few hair accessories on their website too, you can find more here


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