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GlamGlow have a brand new face mask out and it's FULL OF GLITTER!
When you hear glitter, you probably think it will get stuck on your face and clog your pores but it truly doesn't, it left my skin feeling firmer and soft after removal. I really like the other masks from GlamGlow, my favourite being the limited edition sonic blue GravityMud, so when a glitter mask comes along, how could I not add it to my collection of skin care?
Here's a little video of my application, it's the first video I've ever done so it's only a short and sweet one but perhaps this is the start of something.

Glittermask is available from glamglow.co.uk at £44.


harry potter

'I Must Not Tell Lies'


I've been meaning to create this piece of work for a while now and I got around to doing so over the weekend. It felt good to do a bit of special fx as I haven't done so since Halloween. It's no secret that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I grew up with the series and remember heading to the cinema to watch the first film when I was only around 9 (I think). I fell in love with the books and then I fell in love with the films too and I still adore them to this day.
Anyway, if you're as big a fan as I am, you'll remember that from the 5th instalment of the series, Harry gets detention with Dolores Umbridge where he is set to do lines saying 'I must not tell lies' (chapter 13 in the book) and this is my recreation of it.





Last week I received this lovely package full of Redken products, worth £100.
I've never actually used any of their products before now and being a hairdresser, this is pretty exciting for me as Redken are well known for being great products!
The packaging looks great, it's got a really chic look to it and they also smell wonderful too.

Clockwise from top left corner
All available from Redken.

I'm going to give the megamask a trial run first along with the shampoo and conditioner before I use the others, as hairspray isn't something I use on a frequent basis and I don't use heat on my hair too frequently either to try out the blowdry primer just yet but I'll get there with it all and should do a follow up post about it too :)





It's Glossybox time again and it's the first box of 2018!
There's a bit of a theme to the box this month and it makes total sense after all the indulging that the majority of us did over the festive period - it's rebooting and rejuvenating. I'm definitely excited to try out this stuff!
So let's move on to what was inside this months box (I had issues with trying to capture a picture decent enough to fit everything in, so I've spaced things out this time).
1. EVELYN IONA COSMETICS GREEN TEA PRIMER - I'm actually pretty excited to try this out, I'm a big lover of green tea (you're probably cringing at me for saying that) and the benefits you get from drinking it. The primer is paraben free too, which is a bonus and you can get this from evelyniona.com for £22.
2. NAIL MEDIC NAIL AND CUTICLE ENERGIZER - A product design to care for you nails, which if any of you are like me and you wear false ones fairly often, are in need of something like this. It includes a mixture of  vitamins, plant extracts, revitalising eucalyptus and soothing lavender. Available from prettywomannyc.com for £5.99.
3. APICIA CREAM BLUSH - I'm not actually a fan of cream blush but I did find this okay to use, it blended nicely and it is also rich in organic bee pollen which is supposed to nourish your skin. However, I do think that I'll probably be sticking to powder blush. Available from apicia.fr for £22.
4. DR BOTANICALS MOROCCAN ROSE SUPERFOOD FACIAL OIL TRAVEL SIZE - This has to be the product I'm most excited about in this months box. I really like to take care of my skin and although I already use Tarte Comsetics' Maracuja oil, I'm looking forward to giving this a trial to see how well this agrees with my skin too! drbotanicals.com £55.
5. BOOTS BEAUTY BENEATH SUPPLEMENTS - Lastly we have the beauty supplements from Boots and I'm going to be really honest and let you know that I won't be trying these because I don't feel like they will do much for me BUT my mum will be trying them out and hopefully they will help her with her complexion. boots.com £39.99.

I'm pretty happy with this months box, it was most definitely worth a fair amount this time and I'm glad that was no more body wash in this one!
Looking forward to what next months box brings me. Don't forget to use my code when sign up, to receive 20% discount on your first box  AMY-R29.



Happy New Year!


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Second of all, apologies for the lack of posts over the festive period, it was a busy time at work for me and also I had a nice break afterwards and didn’t do a thing, except take the dogs for a walk.
So as a heads up for this month, the posts might be a tad slow due to coursework, prepping for travel and also re-decorating my make-up studio, it’s over due and is the time that I can get it done but there will be some posts! I have a make up project I want to get done soon, too! 😊
Thanks for sticking with me!





December's Glossybox has entered the building! Okay it actually arrived like 3 days ago but hey ho.
So this month's box appeared to have a little bit of a rose gold theme going on inside, with the products etc and the shredded tissue paper too, which gave it such a festive feel and the box is pretty cute this month too. It's not the classic pink box!

1. NAOBAY EQUILIBRIA GEL TO MILK CLEANSER - Again I'm not sure when I'll get around to using this because I seem to have got something along the lines of this in almost every box and what with my sensitive skin, I'm warey of new stuff like this.
2. STEVE LAURANT PRECISION TIP EYELINER - I've already tried this and I really like it and I also needed a new one to move onto, so thank you Glossybox! It has such a nice tip and allows me to draw my liner well and sharp.
3. LAAQ & CO CLOUD LIPS - This has such a nice texture to it and it's also a really nice colour that got sent in my box this month. The rose gold packaging is so elegant looking too, I love it!
4. RAFFAELO - I'm not keen on this so I'll throw it to one of the family members if they want it, can I have another Kinder Bueno next time please? Haha.
5. SOAPER DUPER BODY WASH - More body wash! I'm actually really digging the name of this brand and I think I'm going to risk using this fairly soon, maybe when I have a shower next... It has a free from formula too so I should be pretty good going ahead with this one! How cute is the bottle too? I have to tell you how good it smells as well, it's delicious.
6. MODEL CO 3D LASH PRIMER - I haven't used this yet but I'm sure I will pretty soon, I feel like it's going to have a good effect on my lash look but we'll see!

I told you the box for this month was cute, didn't I? And did you see what I meant about the rose gold theme that appears to be going on inside the box? So now it's time to make the most of these products and look forward to January's box, it'll be a right little treat when things get depressing in the new year ;)

Don't forget to use my code for 20% off your first order - AMY-R29





I really wanted to get these brushes when they were released for Halloween but it just wasn't meant to be until Unicorn Cosmetics had a glorious 50% sale for Black Friday and that my friends, is when I jumped on these brushes faster than you could say Jim.
Anyway, what's so cool about these brushes? I'll show you. They're spooky in a heat sensitive kind of way. When they're cool, they're darker and when they're warmed by your touch, they turn lighter in colour.
See what I mean with the colour changing? Cool isn't it?
The case they come in is also spooky themed which made them ideal for Halloween and I'm really fond of Unicorn Cosmetics make up brushes. I now own a few of their sets! They're such soft brushes and they apply make up well too, they're not scratchy like some brushes are, regardless of how much you pay for them at times. 
Don't forget to drop by and give their website a browse, even their lashes are gorgeous (I have some of those too).


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