I really wanted to get these brushes when they were released for Halloween but it just wasn't meant to be until Unicorn Cosmetics had a glorious 50% sale for Black Friday and that my friends, is when I jumped on these brushes faster than you could say Jim.
Anyway, what's so cool about these brushes? I'll show you. They're spooky in a heat sensitive kind of way. When they're cool, they're darker and when they're warmed by your touch, they turn lighter in colour.
See what I mean with the colour changing? Cool isn't it?
The case they come in is also spooky themed which made them ideal for Halloween and I'm really fond of Unicorn Cosmetics make up brushes. I now own a few of their sets! They're such soft brushes and they apply make up well too, they're not scratchy like some brushes are, regardless of how much you pay for them at times. 
Don't forget to drop by and give their website a browse, even their lashes are gorgeous (I have some of those too).




November's box was skin care and a touch of make up!
I haven't yet used all of the products but I do get excited when there's a new make up brush to add to my collection of brushes. New brushes are the best. Just to let you know, the rock wasn't involved in the box, it's just something I have that fit the picture.

In this box we have the following:
1. BOOTS Ingredients sheet face mask charcoal & willow bark - I still haven’t used this mask yet and I’m a little bit reluctant to even try it, just because I have sensitive skin but perhaps I’ll get around to it over the festive period when I have some time off work to hide if my skin goes weird ha!
2. Beauty UK contour/powder brush - I was so happy to see this in the box because who doesn’t love a brand new brush to add to their collection? You can never have too many brushes and this one is good quality, although I hadn’t actually heard of Beauty UK before I received this box.
3. Collection Eyebrow Powder - This actually has quite a nice feel to it but I’m still yet to give it a full trial on how well it lasts etc, although I’m sure that it lasts well! Another one to try out for longer over the festive period I guess.
4. Green Frog Botanic natural body wash - This smelt lovely when I opened it up as it’s Geranium and Peppermint so it’s good for the skin and who doesn’t need more body wash anyway? You can never have too much!
5. SportFX Candy Floss Lip balm - Apparently this was created especially for the November edition of Glossybox which is pretty neat! It’s really cute and I have a thing for lip balms, I’ve always got one with me.

So there we have November’s box and December’s box is on its way in the mail to me so I’ll be posting about that after it arrives in the next few days! Are any of you signed up to Glossybox? You can use my referral code if you’d like to sign up and get 20% discount off of your first order - AMY-R29 


Stunna Lip Paint


Fenty beauty strikes again!
I've been eagerly awaiting the release of this lip paint, purely because I love a vintage looking red and that's what this colour was looking like to me in the advertisement. Not only that but I didn't have a red liquid lipstick that I could use, only my MAC lipsticks but this sweet baby of a lip colour is so universal, Rihanna really has put some heart into getting a red that will suit everyone!
Aside from the colour and how good the product is (it's so easy to apply, I only needed one coat and it felt so light to wear!), the packaging is also so beautiful and gives such an expensive look to the product as well. Honestly if you're looking for a new red then I would highly recommend anyone trying it!





I'm really late on posting about this Glossy Box which was actually Octobers box but alas here it is!
This was actually one box that I was pretty excited for, just because it was a Unicorn vs Mermaid box and you literally had no idea which box you would be receiving in the mail. As you can see, I got the Unicorn box!
I love either, so I'm happy that I got the Unicorn box, not that any of the contents was different from what was in the Mermaid box. This box felt so full, it was mostly make up too which as I've said so many times before, that's my favourite part about the boxes.
1. KAWAII ENTERPRISE Brush Cleansing Egg - Theses are fab things, especially for when you're travelling because they're small enough to pack with you but not only that, they really do help you to clean your brushes far better than you usually would.
2. Bang Beauty Cream Colour - I haven't yet used this little beauty but it's so versatile and can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks and anywhere else you would like to apply it.
3. Sleek Creme to Powder Blush - This was unexpectedly quite nice to use. I don't usually like creme blushers but this really does go powdery when you use it, something you definitely have to try to understand what I mean and the colour I got is great!
4. Lord & Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eyebrow Pencil - Honestly I'm not really one to use a pencil for my brows, I prefer the mascaras and the pomades but I did find this soft enough to use to get a good brow.
5. Make Up Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette - This is super cute and I was pleasantly surprised by the pigments of the shadows, they're much more pigmented than I was expecting them to me and I really like how the boxes seemed to be based around this palette!
6. Unicorn Phone Sticker - I probably won't use this for my phone but I may just stick it to my iPad or laptop, who knows, it's cute though!

So as you can see, Octobers box included all make-up and one tool to help with cleaning make-up brushes. I'll post about this months box before the end of the month is up and then Decembers box will soon be on it's way to me. I hope it's festive!





This is a look a created for a competition (sadly I didn't win anything with it but hey, the experience was good and it was fun to create) that @makeupmouse on instagram was holding, the theme of the competition being MYTHS & LEGENDS. Naturally I couldn't really think of a legend to create so after trawling the big wide web for a short while, I came across the myth of Titania, the queen of fairies and this is my look created on this myth.

What do you think? 
Again for this look, like the clown look before, I used Mehron's Paradise paints basic palette for most of the look, as well as using some of the pearls from The Glitter Army and Kat Von D's Witches liquid lipstick. Those little leaf props? I made those on the spur of a moment at work whilst I had a free moment to myself.
I'm happy with how my look turned out and there's always next time for future competitions :)





I've never created a clown look on myself before, I've done them on my clients and models for some looks. However, they've never really been a happier type of clown, more the evil and scary kind which I have to admit, is pretty fun to create.
So anyway, although this was a happier looking clown look, I still think it's sort of creepy and definitely Halloween worthy, probably a good look to share with you to finish off my Halloween looks though?

Mehron Paradise Paints basic palette
Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks in Witches and Ayesha
Festival Face chunky glitter in Neon Lights
Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Ivory
Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Abused
Eyeliner is from Japan (sorry I have no idea what brand it is)
Kiko Milano eyeshadows

I'd like to create another look like this next year, I think. It's different and I think with a costume to go with it, it's definitely the type of look that you can go all out on!

What kind of likes would you like to see now that the spooky season has gone by and the festive period is upon us?
Drop me a comment!





This is a different kind of look and something that I've never ever attempted before but I was inspired by a make up artist that I follow on instagram - @Erikamariemua.
So the great thing about this look is that it hardly requires any products at all to create it, all I've used in this look is Illamasqua's skin base foundation, their precision gel liner in Infinity and quick flick of their Masquara too. 
The hardest part? It's pretty time consuming when you begin and perhaps using NYX Cosmetics new dotting eyeliner would make it faster, I'll have to try and get back you guys on that but otherwise it's fun and so different.
The absolute worst part of this look? Removing all of it. My goodness, I spent at least half an hour scrubbing it from my face, another reason to not use Illamasqua's precision gel liner to create anything like this again in the future ha!
I'm sad that the Halloween season is now over and done with but I still have a couple of looks that I haven't actually shared on here yet so I'll keep it alive for another week or so ;)

Now to move on and start to inspire myself to create some none Halloween looks that still have a pop!


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